Chương trình Leadership Development Fellow 2017 – 2019

Teach For Vietnam đang tuyển dụng cho chương trình LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT FELLOWSHIP 2017 – 2019 nhằm phát triển những hạt giống lãnh đạo h...

Teach For Vietnam đang tuyển dụng cho chương trình LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT FELLOWSHIP 2017 – 2019 nhằm phát triển những hạt giống lãnh đạo hướng đến nền giáo dục hoàn thiện và bình đẳng tại Việt Nam.

Đơn ứng tuyển cho chương trình Fellowship hiện mở cho đến ngày 15/04/2017. ĐỪNG BỎ LỠ cơ hội để học hỏi từ những cố vấn tốt nhất, trở thành người tiên phong trong lĩnh vực giáo dục và làm một công việc mang ý nghĩa cho xã hội.

Fellowship là chương trình bắt nguồn từ Teach For All, một tổ chức danh tiếng toàn cầu với những cơ hội nghề nghiệp đầy hứa hẹn. Ứng viên tài năng từ mọi ngành nghề, mọi độ tuổi đều được chào đón. 

Đây là chương trình toàn thời gian, có trả lương.


Fellowship Type: Full time in 2 years – Based in Tay Ninh

School Type: Primary/ Lower Secondary
Start date: June 1, 2017

Mission for the Role

The Leadership Development Fellow will act as a dedicated leader - teacher to empower positives changes in classroom, in school and in community, make a profound impact in students’ life and nurture them as future leaders.

Why You Should Become a Fellow

During the Fellowship

 Receive a full salary, at a very competitive market rate for professional

 Be part of a globally recognized leadership development program

 Receive ongoing leadership development and support (training, mentoring, coaching and more)

Above all, we think the major reason you apply should be your passion and alignment with our vision: “In year 2050, all children in Vietnam will attain an excellent education.”

After the Fellowship

You have a potential career path ahead waiting for you:

 Leader in the classroom, school, and community: You may continue to work in the classroom to change lives of thousands of students, collaborate with other teachers.

 Social Entrepreneur: Teach For Vietnam will help you fast track your career as social entrepreneurs, bring changes and innovations toward a better society.

 Valuable employee with strong leadership experience: Spending two years managing a classroom will help Fellows develop leadership skills such as organization,

communication, and problem-solving in an unstructured environment, people management and resourcefulness that are valuable in any sectors. Over the world, many top employers such as BCG, McKinsey, Google, recruit fellow alumni after two years.

 Graduate Student – to study abroad opportunity and scholarship: As Teach For Vietnam works towards joining the Teach For All global movement; you will be recognized by many top universities in the world as strong candidates.

Role of a Fellow

Leader in classroom:

 Equip students with critical skills to succeed in the 21st century (integrated in English)

 Planning and leading lessons, managing your classroom and administrative work are part of your role as a classroom leader

 Create a bold vision and big goals for students to achieve and ensure the high quality of teaching and students’ results

 Empower students to reach their fullest potentials, based on their unique characteristics

 Encourage students to take ownership of their studying and their life

 Inspire students to aim beyond social limitations, closing aspiration gap

Leader in school:

 Build close relationship with the local school teachers & principles and cooperate with them for win-win solutions

 Share best practices with local teachers and principals to cooperate and improve teaching methods

 Initiate and implement projects for educational development within the local school and its educational network

Leader in community:

 Build close connections with local communities based on respect and trust

 Actively engage local communities to act towards positive changes with projects that support sustainable development and community development

Teach For Vietnam Fellow Champion:

 Build close relationship with the local school teachers & principles and cooperate with them for win-win solutions

 Proactively participate in trainings, workshops, mentoring and coaching programs that support fellows’ personal and leadership development

 Share best practices and strongly support other fellows in the same local schools, as well as in the fellow network for empowering changes

 Take initiatives and constantly improve self as a leader, a teacher and a fellow

Basic Requirements

 Fluent English (Certificate ready to be submitted by May 31, preferable: IELTS from 7.0, TOEFL from 90, or equivalent)

 Bachelor’s Degree (at least) in ANY discipline by the time Summer Institute starts (June 1st) or proof of completing Bachelor’s Degree before August 15th

 Strong academic track record (Minimum GPA: 2.5 out of 4, or 7.0 out of 10)

 Strong communication skill

 A commitment to Teach For Vietnam’s Vision and Mission, and alignment with our Core Values

Preferred Qualifications

 A track record of leadership and outstanding achievement

 Excellent problem-solving skills, critical thinking and creativity

 Strong organizational skills

 A strong belief in the potential of every child

 Humility, appreciation of diversity, respect and empathy for others

 Determination, resilience, and perseverance in the face of challenges

About Teach For All

Teach For All is a global network of independent organizations that promote educational opportunity by enlisting their nations’ future leaders to teach for at least two years in their high-need communities and become lifelong leaders for educational excellence and equity. Teach For All's mission is to expand educational opportunity internationally by accelerating the impact of the partnering organizations in their network. It achieves this by providing direct support services and fostering a powerful network among the programs and their participants, with the goal of maximizing the organizations’ scale, participant impact and learning, alumni leadership, and organizational strength. Teach For All network includes 42 independent organizations.

About Teach For Vietnam

Teach For Vietnam is working toward partnership with Teach For All. As an independent, locally led nonprofit organization, Teach For Vietnam enlists the most promising future leaders from multiple industries to create more educational opportunities for all children in Vietnam.

Participants in the programme, known as Fellows, serve as full-time teachers for two years in high-need schools across Vietnam, and commit to transforming the education outcomes of less-privileged schoolchildren through significantly improving their achievements and aspirations. In the long term, after 2 years of teaching and fitting in with the community, these former teachers from different industries will collectively create a wave of change to achieve education equity and excellence for all children in Vietnam

How to apply

Please finish the application process at APPLY.TEACHFORVIETNAM.ORG
Details and updates available at:

Please email us at: if you have any questions. Successful applicants will be invited to the next round.

Deadline: April 15, 2017

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